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Новости / XXIth International Competition for Young Artistic Talents


Aim of this competition is preserve World cultural heritage

Aim of this competition is preserve World cultural heritage

Dear friend,
Our Institution for Creative Development of Young People in Celje, Slovenia is starting its new XXIth International Competition for Yuung Artistic Talents. Up to this day, more than 135.000 young people from 110 countries in the World took part and we setup from rewarded artworks  237 exhibitions in 33 countries on all continents during this time. The most notable are the exhibitions in Paris, Moscow, Novosibirsk, Ankara, Gaziantep, Sudan (Nuba mountains), Tehran, Seoul, Belgrade, Ploesti, Munich, Hong Kong, Bangalore, Havana, Praga, Gambia, Gana, Hungary, India, Monte Negro…  
Our international competition:
- encourages young people in their artistic creativity
- offers equal opportunities to young people to be awarded for their artworks regardless    
  of their religion, nationality or ethnicity
- helps young people to get in touch withnew techniques and materials in painting 
- gives young people opportunity to communicate  and get to know each other 
- helps young people to understand their own history and art as well as other people's and nationalities
We wish you pleasant moments viewing the awarded artworks and we look forward to your participation at our competition.

The World of Art Magazine, The Municipality of Celje city and 
Institution for Creative Development of Young People

XXIth International Competition for Yuung Artistic Talents

The theme
Who are my people and what kind of cultural legacy have I inherited? What do we want to preserve for our future generations? The identity of my people.
Select the best, select something what represents your people for centuries, ethnological dresses and folklore dance of your nation. On the reverse side write down the name of the dress, dance, era in which it was important for your people and maybe also write down at what occasions dress was used, dances  were preformed and send it to us. So go for it!

50 best art works from each age group will be awarded with unique prizes, 
the best three authors from each age group will be awarded also with special gifts, 
mentors who will have one awardee awarded with first prize or two or more with unique prize will also be awarded with an unique prize and
the participating istitutions receive an award for promoting artistic culture of young people
The awards will be sent out by e-mail in JPG format and will only need to be printed

Do not forget
Put the entries of different age groups in separate envelopes:
1st group: up to 10 years,
2nd group: from 11-15 years,
3rd group: from 16 - 20 years
All techniques on a paper are allowed. Art works should not exceed 30x42cm.
On the reverse side of the artwork you should put the following details in capital letters and in Latin alphabet:
- name and surname of the author, date of author's birth
- the date when the art work was created,
- name and surname of the mentor,
- the full address of the school, or author, if sent individually,
- e-mail address of the school, or author, if sent individually,
Please do not put the art works on paspartús.
Additional information on mail milanovic1111@gmail.com 
We will be receiving the art works from announcement to 15.05.2017 on the following address:

3220 ŠTORE

The results of the competition and all other information will be available exclusively on our internet page from October 2017 and in World of Art Magazine, October 2017
Please consider the conditions of the competition, as the jury will not appraise the works not respecting them. 
The received entries will not be returned to the authors, they will become part of the archive of The World of Art magazine. 
After appraisement it is possible to borrow the art works from the archive for school exhibitions. 
May I ask you to add some table flags of your towns and states, some bank notes or coins of small face value and some used stamps of your country to the shipment of your pieces of art? Thus you will contribute to the collection of souvenirs of participating countries of our competitions, being collected for some years now.
We wish you good luck and a lot of pleasure in creating
Founder and competition leader
Mihailo Lišanin

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